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Kenny Rogers honored for photography

Kenny Rogers has been glorified as a special artist for several years, but this time, he is being rewarded for another talent – it is photography. The Through the Years star got an honorary master degree in photography from Professional Photographers of America at their annual conference – Imaging USA, during the Professional Photographers of America Award & Degree ceremony on 14th January. There were up to a humongous ten thousand photographers in attendance.

Kenny also was able to share his all his brilliant talent with the audience – but this is not the musical talent. Before the ceremony, he had offered a live Q&A with the convention goers, speaking about his work and life as well as sharing snaps from his upcoming photography book named Places I’ve Been, Things I’ve Seen.

Speaking about the choice of honoring Kenny, Professional Photographers of America president Ralph Romaguera Sr. told that they could see in his work that Mr. Rogers is an accomplished photographer, but when they approached him about the honorary master’s degree, they were immediately impressed with his enthusiasm for photography. He is obviously well known as an entertainer, but he truly is a remarkably talented photographer.

While Kenny Rogers stated that you start off doing something because you really love it, and it gives you great pleasure. With any luck at all, you get better. It was special to receive the highest honor that his photography has to offer. He felt a little intimidated but very flattered and somehow undeserving. It was very thrilling.

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Photographer snatches national award for Heron shot

The stunning snap of a grey heron has brought a teenage photographer the 2013 RSPCA Young Photographer Awards. Danielle Connor, a Ursuline High School student, took this snap called Bokeh Heron, when at Queensmere pond in Wimbledon Common. The snap was taken in May.

Recently, the judges handed the teen the 1st prize in 16 – 18 category, as well as the overall gong. The 18 year old young photographer is now learning her A Levels and she has already won titles from the Marwell photography awards, Zoological Society of London as well as YMCA photography awards.

Chris Packham, the wildlife expert and RSPCA vice president and television personality, guided a judging panel if industry pros and arranged the award ceremony on Thursday at the Tower of London on 19th December.

He told that Danielle was a deserved winner; her snap is both technically strong and captivating. She also used some sophisticated techniques and shows a real understanding of how to make photography work. For Chris, what stands out is the use of the simple element of water to enhance the portrait of the heron. The droplets transform the picture of the bird into something else entirely – it is verging on magical. He added that this was just Danielle’s snap that took her breath away though. There were several snaps that showed an imagination and real skill.

She won Olympus cameras and a weekend photography break thanks to Natures Images worth up to £500.

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Adam Tatlow – gamekeeper turns photographer

A gamekeeper has turned into a photographer. He has now become a real life Dr Doolittle. He takes snaps in United Kingdom of some of the most endearing species from just a few feet. Adam Tatlow’s love with the natural world has let him to get very close to the species that many of the resulting stunning pictures, clicked in Cotswold countryside, appeared as if they have been clicked with a zoom lens. The snaps were clicked next to the believing subjects.

The forty six year old’s trusted shooter will also be on his side when he goes for his work as a game keeper on a nearby country side place. He has made a magnificent portfolio of photographs which lift the raise on rarely spotted animals and birds seen in forests across the nation. The subjects of Mr Tatlow have included inquisitive hedgehogs, bounding hares, colorful kingfishers and timid fox cubs.

He knows very well how to attract animals towards him. The animals are very comfortable around him. In general he manages to get within thirty ft of the animal species. Adam is from Guiting Power village. He told that he had had a love of wildlife and nature ever since he was old enough to be out of the house on his own. He used to spend the whole day out in woods and he would come back after dark. He added that he built up a real affinity for that. He got into photography when he was just sixteen years old.

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