Artists of Yardley Presents a New Perspective for Levitation Theme

Hearing the word levitation, the mind always brings before some images that are related to rising and gliding.

Such is the subject of the exhibition organized by the famous art school Artists of Yardley Art Center. This year is special for the exhibition as this is the first exhibition that is judged by juries and also this is the seventh annual show. This exhibition will continue till 2nd October. The photographs that are selected offer a number of one-of-a-kind and impressive styles.

This show is open to all people as they can see the entire event. Show hour is from 12 noon to 5 pm. As far as the days are concerned, visitors can attend the show on Friday or during weekends. The Art Centre is situated in the Patterson Farm, Lake Road.

The famous award winning photographer Juror Barbara Warren has made a careful selection of the photos for the exhibition. According to her, every photograph is unique and has done justice to the theme in an unusual manner. The exhibition was started from 9th September and Marc Schimsky, a member of the Artists of Yardley, was declared as the winner for his composite photography known as The Guardian of the Field.
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Commonwealth Environmental Photography Awards goes to Andrew Stevenson

Andrew Stevenson of Bermuda was recently honored by Prince of Wales’ Commonwealth Environmental Photography Awards ‘Out of the Blue’ contest, with his snapshot of a humpback whale taken off the Bermuda coast winning a prize for ‘Highly Commended – Most Publicly Liked Entry.’
The entry of Mr. Stevenson was handed in Over 18s group, along with the photo’s caption saying, “A North Atlantic humpback whale in the middle of its northern migration from the Caribbean breeding grounds to their northern feeding grounds.”
The snapshot was taken twenty miles south-west of Bermuda in 14000 feet of water. The website of the contest said that a great area of this global ocean lies within the jurisdiction of Commonwealth nations. Over half of Commonwealth nations are islands, to whom ocean matters are of great importance. These global leaders therefore have tough decisions to make such as how best to ensure the future health and viability of the ocean.
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Blossom Arts Festival

The 2016 Blossom Arts Festival is calling for entries for their photography competition which promises more than RM13000 in cash and prizes. Arranged by Malaysian Chinese Culture and Arts Consultative Council and co-organized by Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Photographic Society, the competition is themed “Moderation and Harmony.”

Blossom Arts Festival

At the set up at The One Academy yesterday, Malaysian Chinese Culture and Arts Consultative committee chairman as well as MCA VP Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun told that the competition would allow young photographers develop as well as promote harmony and moderation through their art. The winners would be offered prizes and their work would be showcased during the fest. Read more »

Pirelli calendar changed its look this year

The annual Pirelli calendar, which traditionally revolves on the artfully lit nudity of female supermodels, has published its new edition, offering a dramatic shift in aesthetic and subject matter.

Gym-toned limbs as well as heaving bosoms are no longer present in this year’s edition, shot by Annie Leibovitz. It has got simple portraits of women of various sizes, ethnicities and ages selected for their professional, cultural, social, sporting as well as artistic accomplishment.

Subjects include Yoko Ono, sporting a top hat, fishnet tights and tuxedo jacket; and Patti Smith, modeling jeans, a snarl and boots. The cultural observer Fran Lebowitz makes an unlikely Miss May, relishing a cigarette in a man’s pinstriped jacket. The blogger Tavi Gevinson, artist Shirin Neshat, Chinese actor Yao Chen, investment banker Mellody Hobson, art collector Agnes Gund and the director of the film Selma, Ava DuVernay.

American tennis player Serena Williams was one of just two sowing a little skin, posing in a balletic lunge with her naked back to the lens. Comedian Amy Schumer, December’s subject, sips from a lipstick- varnished takeaway coffee cup in her underwear.

The calendar was launched on Monday by restaurant offers manchester. Photographer Annie Leibovitz said that none of these snapshots had been dealt with with the male gaze in mind. Williams’s shot was “not a nude but a body study”, said Annid. She added that the idea was behind Schumer’s that she was the only one who had not got the memo about wearing clothes.

Cody woman to have her photo on the cover of Outdoor Photographer magazine

When Sandy Sisti was growing up on New Yorks Long Island, she was a photography enthusiast, taking pictures of family, friends as well as anything she saw. Her favorite hobby was photography. Finally, she graduated from her cheapo cameras to make things better.

For years, she pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry. But that pursuit altered in 1994 after she was hit by lightning in the form of a visit to the Yellowstone Park. Well, that was trip which altered her life and this finally turned her wildlife photography as a full time profession. It guided her to Cody. Now she is counting on days to see her photograph on Outdoor Photographer magazine cover. Read more »

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Photography major aims on feminism

When Hannah Altman started shooting a personal photography program in her dorm room, she did not have any idea that the pictures would turn internationally known across the planet. The 2nd year photography major’s series named ‘And Everything Nice’ went viral and now it has been featured on Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, Ashton Kutcher’s A+ and The Huffington Post.

In the 8 photographs, Altman substitutes women’s bodily fluids, including tears, blood and vomit, along with glitter to make it more presentable from visual aspects.

A leading website reported that, Altman said that there has been a very tough reaction to the snapshots. She did not expect those to be published to the extent that they have been, but I think its drawing attention to a significant issue.

The snaps were actually uploaded Hannah’s Tumblr page on 15th February, and it got over 130000 reblogs as well as likes in less than twenty four hours. As of 23rd March, Monday, the count went to more than 424000. Read more »

Documentary snapshots at Jeu de Paume in Paris

In Paris, the Jeu de Paume presents the very 1st anthological exhibit in France of the work of American photographer Taryn Simon.

She utilizes both pictures as well as text to attempt to reach a deeper meaning of photography. Taryn offers a series of expressions regarding the role of images in the society – control, power, the separation between the public and institutions are only some of the topics she explores.

In 203, in her first work ‘The Innocents’, she took a series of photos of people convicted in a wrong way, imprisoned and finally freed from the death row. In their photography cases gave the criminal justice system a tool which changed innocent citizens into criminals by wrong eyewitness recognition.

Taryn Simon told that photography is uncertain and therefore less faithful to reality than they believe. But, at the very same time, the photographs have power than mere words. He told that he believe that he believes that he uses photography to show the ever-changing space where knowledge is created. Therefore, attempt to make these 2 poles: 1 photographic, 1 textual, and the viewer moves between these 2 poles and is constantly making new judgements, new interpretations, new assumptions about the narratives that are the subject of the work. Read more »

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