Cody woman to have her photo on the cover of Outdoor Photographer magazine

When Sandy Sisti was growing up on New Yorks Long Island, she was a photography enthusiast, taking pictures of family, friends as well as anything she saw. Her favorite hobby was photography. Finally, she graduated from her cheapo cameras to make things better.

For years, she pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry. But that pursuit altered in 1994 after she was hit by lightning in the form of a visit to the Yellowstone Park. Well, that was trip which altered her life and this finally turned her wildlife photography as a full time profession. It guided her to Cody. Now she is counting on days to see her photograph on Outdoor Photographer magazine cover.

Her first snap of animals were of turtles. The scale of her subjects has now altered. The Outdoor Photographer magazine cover will have the picture of a bison from the park. Sistis favorite subjects are bisons, bears and wild horses, even though the horses travel in groupsĀ  in habitat which is far from Yellowstone National Park.

Sistis parents encouraged their little kid to study something for a kind of practical career. Sisti always believed that photography will be on her side till the surprise moment came at the Yellowstone Park while she was on vacation with her husband. She told that she has got the bug, she wanted to live near Yellowstone.