Commonwealth Environmental Photography Awards goes to Andrew Stevenson

Andrew Stevenson of Bermuda was recently honored by Prince of Wales’ Commonwealth Environmental Photography Awards ‘Out of the Blue’ contest, with his snapshot of a humpback whale taken off the Bermuda coast winning a prize for ‘Highly Commended – Most Publicly Liked Entry.’
The entry of Mr. Stevenson was handed in Over 18s group, along with the photo’s caption saying, “A North Atlantic humpback whale in the middle of its northern migration from the Caribbean breeding grounds to their northern feeding grounds.”
The snapshot was taken twenty miles south-west of Bermuda in 14000 feet of water. The website of the contest said that a great area of this global ocean lies within the jurisdiction of Commonwealth nations. Over half of Commonwealth nations are islands, to whom ocean matters are of great importance. These global leaders therefore have tough decisions to make such as how best to ensure the future health and viability of the ocean.
It added that great snaps can tell tales in many ways that at times, eve word could not. They expect that ‘Out of the Blue’ would inspire Commonwealth citizens to use photography to mesh with the vast blue water world across the Commonwealth, to celebrate its beauty, showcase its importance and also alert leaders across the world to its vulnerability. And, by doing so, Commonwealth people could directly promote global leaders to take right action and adopt more of the solvents that they know are at hand to save and utilize natural resources in a sustainable way.