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Architectural Photography

A great source of income no matter where you live, country, seaside, a small colonial town, an ultra-modern urban development or a farm, it is possible to get great pictures by just looking around, says Tim Hensel of Portrait Photographer Cheshire website.

Wide angles and panoramic shots are preferred by travel and architectural publications. Low perspectives (shoot at low levels) are designed to create a sense of merging elements, like integration.

The night lights of New York or the 1840 water fountain at the back of the church’s yard are images that your portfolio will keep forever. A park with blooming flowers or the White house on a storm day will send messages and could be artistically favored. Just look around your home city and start creating a portfolio of architectural photography.

Special Effects in Photography
Color cast alterations can be obtained by filters or cellophane in front of your lens. A sea the color of blood or a blue tree, are just small examples of what you can create.

Decide what object you are going to photograph and place mirrors around it. Take a shot at the mirrors, not the object.
Create stars with a woman pantyhose stretched and attached to your lens and shoot at lamps, candles, flashlight, and chandeliers until you obtain a star war. Merge the picture with another one of an object or subject and use photo editing software to edit it.

In the drawers of your kitchen or in the pantry, may be even in the garage or utility room you may found something to create a special and different effect on your shots. Water is a great medium to photography, splash water on any part of your body and with the zoom on take a picture of your own skin. Use a reflector and a colored lens like for example gold or silver tones.

Photo explosion, by Nova Development; adobe and foto flexer are some of the programs to give other more sensational effects to your pictures.

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