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Blossom Arts Festival

The 2016 Blossom Arts Festival is calling for entries for their photography competition which promises more than RM13000 in cash and prizes. Arranged by Malaysian Chinese Culture and Arts Consultative Council and co-organized by Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Photographic Society, the competition is themed “Moderation and Harmony.”

Blossom Arts Festival

At the set up at The One Academy yesterday, Malaysian Chinese Culture and Arts Consultative committee chairman as well as MCA VP Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun told that the competition would allow young photographers develop as well as promote harmony and moderation through their art. The winners would be offered prizes and their work would be showcased during the fest. Read more »

Pirelli calendar changed its look this year

The annual Pirelli calendar, which traditionally revolves on the artfully lit nudity of female supermodels, has published its new edition, offering a dramatic shift in aesthetic and subject matter.

Gym-toned limbs as well as heaving bosoms are no longer present in this year’s edition, shot by Annie Leibovitz. It has got simple portraits of women of various sizes, ethnicities and ages selected for their professional, cultural, social, sporting as well as artistic accomplishment.

Subjects include Yoko Ono, sporting a top hat, fishnet tights and tuxedo jacket; and Patti Smith, modeling jeans, a snarl and boots. The cultural observer Fran Lebowitz makes an unlikely Miss May, relishing a cigarette in a man’s pinstriped jacket. The blogger Tavi Gevinson, artist Shirin Neshat, Chinese actor Yao Chen, investment banker Mellody Hobson, art collector Agnes Gund and the director of the film Selma, Ava DuVernay.

American tennis player Serena Williams was one of just two sowing a little skin, posing in a balletic lunge with her naked back to the lens. Comedian Amy Schumer, December’s subject, sips from a lipstick- varnished takeaway coffee cup in her underwear.

The calendar was launched on Monday by restaurant offers manchester. Photographer Annie Leibovitz said that none of these snapshots had been dealt with with the male gaze in mind. Williams’s shot was “not a nude but a body study”, said Annid. She added that the idea was behind Schumer’s that she was the only one who had not got the memo about wearing clothes.

Photography laws of The Emirates

After the arrest of an American last month, the legal experts have cautioned people in the United Arab Emirates to follow the laws of photography strictly. Dr Robert Alan Black, 70, who is an architect and author by profession, had been detained since the 21st of October at the Al Wathba prison on grounds of taking pictures of restricted areas. He has finally been released a few days back and the court finding no evil intention behind his action has asked him to pay an amount of Dh500 as a fine.

Dr Black had been in Abu Dhabi for the Creative Thinkers Conference and his arrest had created a huge row among his family, friends and well wishers. His well wishers had raised an amount of Dh45, 00 to meet his legal expenses. His daughter Jessica had even borrowed a huge sum against her house to meet the expenses. Rosemary Rein, a friend and colleague of Dr Black while speaking on behalf of a group of people who had played an important role in rallying for his release stated that they were happy that their friend had finally been out of prison and he would be returning home to Georgia, USA. Read more »

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Photographer snatches national award for Heron shot

The stunning snap of a grey heron has brought a teenage photographer the 2013 RSPCA Young Photographer Awards. Danielle Connor, a Ursuline High School student, took this snap called Bokeh Heron, when at Queensmere pond in Wimbledon Common. The snap was taken in May.

Recently, the judges handed the teen the 1st prize in 16 – 18 category, as well as the overall gong. The 18 year old young photographer is now learning her A Levels and she has already won titles from the Marwell photography awards, Zoological Society of London as well as YMCA photography awards.

Chris Packham, the wildlife expert and RSPCA vice president and television personality, guided a judging panel if industry pros and arranged the award ceremony on Thursday at the Tower of London on 19th December.

He told that Danielle was a deserved winner; her snap is both technically strong and captivating. She also used some sophisticated techniques and shows a real understanding of how to make photography work. For Chris, what stands out is the use of the simple element of water to enhance the portrait of the heron. The droplets transform the picture of the bird into something else entirely – it is verging on magical. He added that this was just Danielle’s snap that took her breath away though. There were several snaps that showed an imagination and real skill.

She won Olympus cameras and a weekend photography break thanks to Natures Images worth up to £500.

Adam Tatlow – gamekeeper turns photographer

A gamekeeper has turned into a photographer. He has now become a real life Dr Doolittle. He takes snaps in United Kingdom of some of the most endearing species from just a few feet. Adam Tatlow’s love with the natural world has let him to get very close to the species that many of the resulting stunning pictures, clicked in Cotswold countryside, appeared as if they have been clicked with a zoom lens. The snaps were clicked next to the believing subjects.

The forty six year old’s trusted shooter will also be on his side when he goes for his work as a game keeper on a nearby country side place. He has made a magnificent portfolio of photographs which lift the raise on rarely spotted animals and birds seen in forests across the nation. The subjects of Mr Tatlow have included inquisitive hedgehogs, bounding hares, colorful kingfishers and timid fox cubs.

He knows very well how to attract animals towards him. The animals are very comfortable around him. In general he manages to get within thirty ft of the animal species. Adam is from Guiting Power village. He told that he had had a love of wildlife and nature ever since he was old enough to be out of the house on his own. He used to spend the whole day out in woods and he would come back after dark. He added that he built up a real affinity for that. He got into photography when he was just sixteen years old.

Consumer Trends 2013

There was a saying that a picture is worth of thousand words. Times have changed, now it might be worth be worth a vacation. These days, social media landscape contributed to the power of a picture that has the power to influence the way a people chooses to travel, said the ex chief marketing officer for Travel Impressions Susan Black.

In terms of tour related social media contents, infos compiled from Travel Weekly’s Consumer Trends Survey 2013 reveal which consumers are sharing data regarding their vacations before everything else.

Susan Black told that a picture inspires people. It can influence where they stay on vacation, and it could promote a real dialogue regarding a place or just dialogue through comments. Nine out of ten respondents to Travel Weekly’s survey stated having an account with a single or more social media services. Out of the 539 respondents asked, thirty-three percent stated that they routinely solicit opinions from followers and friends regarding their travel experiences.

When it comes to the frequency of use, Facebook tops the platform for respondents, as 80 percent people have a Facebook account. More than that, the website is visited almost 4 times more frequently compared the 2nd most popular website – YouTube.

Head of travel for Facebook Lee McCabe told that Facebook is playing an increasingly important role in the travel experience. People often share their travel experiences on Facebook, and people at Facebook see that this story sharing on their site platform can guide where families and friends travel to, as well.

World class nature photographer to attend local festival

Photographer David G. Hemmings known for his wildlife and bird photography across the world is coming to share his photography knowledge with other budding photographers in the Carden Nature Festival. David Hemmings will arrange a day long photography workshop – Birds in Flight, hosted by The Couchiching Conservancy.

Mr. Hemmings’ snaps have graced the cover of Canadian Geographic, National Geographic as well as several other publications. His photographs has been showcased in New York City’s American Museum of Natural History. His workshop will offer photographers with access to raptors in flight.

A whole bunch of scientists, naturalists as well as field experts will guide back country field trips on Carden Plain during the event that runs from 31st May to 2nd June. The Carden Plain is really a paradise for canoeists, hikers, birders, botanists and others who love natural world.

It has been assigned as an Important Bird Area. The place is also known for its rare alvar communities that are home to some of the rugged plants on earth. As the place’s reputation for its diversity increases, it is turning into a must see place for an increasing number of nature lovers. Every year 300 to 450 people visit Carden Plain, which is located between Lindsay and Orillia and just north of Kirkfield in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

For people who are really interested in different kinds physical activity, they can travel see the area by paddle or bicycle on local rivers and lakes.

Don Romero’s story of being a photographer

Don Romero recalls the moment thirty years ago when he decided to turn into a photographer. He was working as a model in Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters. During breaks he would always go to festival art exhibits. One day, he came across Dan Snipes’ photography.

Even though he knew nothing regarding photography, but by the summer’s end, he decided that he would leave his job and work with Don Snipes for free for e year and in exchange Snipes would teach him every detail of photography. Being a single father of 2 young boys, it was really not a great decision at that point of time.

Romero told that he told his boys what he was going to do, and his 6 year old son who is also the oldest looked at him and asked how they were going to eat. Next year, Romero hold a tight rein on his money expanses, but all his savings ran out. Therefore, he earned in a different way – by fishing, planted a garden and even traded for other things to pay his son’s tuition fees at the Anneliese School. He even painted the interior of the school that used top be the owner’s home at that point of time.

In the meantime, one year passed, Romero had the working knowledge of photography, and he started to shoot commercial photos. He went all over US to shoot homes, as well as big buildings different corporations and magazine. His life changed after that, now he shoots around ten thousand photographs each year.

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