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Photography major aims on feminism

When Hannah Altman started shooting a personal photography program in her dorm room, she did not have any idea that the pictures would turn internationally known across the planet. The 2nd year photography major’s series named ‘And Everything Nice’ went viral and now it has been featured on Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, Ashton Kutcher’s A+ and The Huffington Post.

In the 8 photographs, Altman substitutes women’s bodily fluids, including tears, blood and vomit, along with glitter to make it more presentable from visual aspects.

A leading website reported that, Altman said that there has been a very tough reaction to the snapshots. She did not expect those to be published to the extent that they have been, but I think its drawing attention to a significant issue.

The snaps were actually uploaded Hannah’s Tumblr page on 15th February, and it got over 130000 reblogs as well as likes in less than twenty four hours. As of 23rd March, Monday, the count went to more than 424000. Read more »

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